I'm Joao Simons, a Creative Director and UX Design Consultant born in Lisbon and based in Berlin.

In the past years I've been working together with great companies and studios such as Commerzbank, BCG Digital Ventures, BMW or Siemens, designing products and services that bring value to the business but most importantly to the user


I design meaningful and user-centric solutions backed by analytical and strategic thinking. I love building digital products and services for web and mobile platforms but also real-world experiences such as tangible user interfaces. When I'm not pushing pixels, you can find me designing for my clothing streetwear brand This is Urban and running a Techno label called Perce


In my free time I run a streetwear brand called This is Urban. Raised in a household where I was exposed to what my family was doing in fashion and retail I saw an opportunity and created my own perspective of it.

This is Urban is a premium streetwear clothing brand based in Berlin and produced in Portugal. The concept is to unite high quality textiles and production made in Portugal with the Berlin underground culture and personality.


Another hobby of mine is Djing and for 1 year now I started a Techno label with my partner JEPE.

Since I moved to Berlin 7 years ago I was immersed by the Techno and House culture. Wanting to be more active in the scene we decided to open our own label which is focused on young artists and different approaches to the style.

We have different artists producing and playing in Berlin in clubs like Tresor, Golden Gate, Chalet or Mensch Meier.