Future Mobility Visualiser

Here Maps



Senior UX Designer
Interface and Interaction Design

Here Maps

IXDS  -  2016

The Future Mobility Visualiser is an interactive table that has been designed to illustrate different trends within a city,  both today and in the future. It has a huge 4K touchscreen display that can show connectivity changes and trends, including urbanisation, electrification and the impact they have on both individuals and the city itself.
With the Future Mobility Visualiser, you can genuinely visualise what the information means and play around with different scenarios.


The Challenge


Conceptualise and design an interactive interface on a 4K touchscreen display, that would allow Here Maps to invite interested parties, partners or infrastructure providers to discuss their vision of the future of mobility. Being the priority of the table, showing off the HERE Maps powerful data, the project requirements derived in two intensive workshops, from initial conceptual designs to a fully implemented version in seven sprints. This included the furniture design, interaction design, visual design and implementation. 


Project Sprint Planning and Structure


Mind Mapping

In order to visually organise information, to cover every aspect and detail of the interface, we created a mind map.


Wireframe, Grid and Building Blocks

The very foundation for a good user interface started with a solid grid and wireframe concept, based on the analytical research done with the client. It became clear with Here Maps that it was essential to display data values, so that third-parties would understand how the service could help them technically. Furthermore, there was also a need of storytelling and explaining the concept in a flexible way.


Physical and Digital Interface

The result pictured on an interactive table that simulates the traffic flow of cars, public transport and freight, where the degree of connectivity and the time horizon can be both manipulated. The impact of connectivity and time of day can be experienced on a personal level, through the use of different personas, who want to travel from A to B.


Showcase at CES 2017

In 2017 CES played host to a world of innovation, and it gave Here Maps the chance to show off the Future Mobility Visualiser in all its glory.