My Digital Financial Advisor App




Lead UX Designer
Interface, Interaction Design and Prototyping

DVAG - Deutsche Vermögensberatung

C3  -  2016

DVAG "MeineApp" is an app that provides financial consulting to the user, at anytime and anywhere. The user is able to get an overview of all his accounts at the bank, contact the financial advisor instantly, with every insured contract stored digitally in the app as well as a constant available help section.

The app is available for iOS and Android


The Challenge


Taking into consideration an existing Brand book and a basic style-guide the objective was to create a concept and the user interface of an app from the ground up. A big part of this project was also to build a high-fidelity prototype that would be showcased in a convention to more than 5000 people in the business sector.


Project Planning and Structure


Mapping Information

In order to visually organise information and cover every aspect and detail of the interface, we projected a mind map together with the client. The client's vision in this step was crucial due to several technical specifications that needed to be covered for a perfect outcome.


An automated Design system

From the very beginning of the project it was clear that an high-fidelity prototype was going to be needed. In order to achieve maximum flexibility, automation and agility we had to create a design system. This way whenever a sudden change occurs from the client side, both final interface and prototypes are automatically synced.


With great tools like Sketch we were able to create smart symbols that can easily adapt to the design and to the final prototype. This made the whole process in designing and testing the prototype faster.


Icon Library

Asset 2@2x.png

A Coherent User Interface

The final result was a user interface that combined the company's brand and a fully integrated mobile digital service


High Fidelity Prototype

An extensive part of the project was to build an interactive prototype that would serve as a presentation asset in the future and also a deliverable for the development implementation.


A selection of transitions from the prototype


The app is available for: