I'm Joao Simons, a Creative Director and UX Design Consultant born in Lisbon and based in Berlin.

In the past years I've been working together with great companies and studios such as Commerzbank, BCG Digital Ventures, BMW or Siemens, designing products and services that bring value to the business but most importantly to the user. 

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The range of services I operate goes from Strategy, Research, Analysis, Design and Production, making sure the final product is viable and not based on assumptions. As a UX Design Consultant I choose the appropriate technique and process, depending on the project, on the client, on the budget and the deadlines.


strategic and Service design


Strategy is a key phase of a product’s roadmap. It will guide and articulate the brand into the long-term vision of an organisation. Not only it will define the goal of the project but also shape the company's culture and measure its success and future achievements. This involves Research, Analysis and Business Planning.



UX Design


User Experience Design is the foundation on how humans interact with machines and tangible interfaces. Personas, Wireframes, User Journey Maps, Information Architecture, User Flows or Usability Testing are just a couple of crucial methods in order to validate concepts and ideas. This process enhances the user satisfaction with a product, improving the usability, accessibility and enjoyment, provided through the interaction with the product.


UI Design


The goal of User Interface Design is to provide the user's interaction with any device as clear and efficient as possible. This entails a variety of deliverables and processes such as Design Systems, High Fidelity Assets, Pattern Libraries or Style Guides.




In order to achieve proof of concept and take informed decisions based on quantitative and qualitative data a prototype needs to be created and tested upon. Low-fidelity prototypes are the first step to quickly gather user feedback. On a later stage high-fidelity prototypes with advanced animations and transitions are the most reliable format to A/B test a concept and ultimately achieve validation.




Case Studies


My Digital Financial Advisor

An app that provides financial consulting to the user, at anytime and anywhere. The user is able to get an overview of all his accounts at the bank, contact the financial advisor instantly, with every insured contract stored digitally in the app as well as a constant available help section.


Connected Mobility

An interactive table that has been designed to illustrate different trends within a city,  both today and in the future. It has a huge 4K touchscreen display that can show connectivity changes and trends, including urbanisation, electrification and the impact they have on both individuals and the city itself.


Business Sectors



I had the pleasure to work with Commerzbank, Consors Bank or DVAG on their digital transformation and defining the future of Banking and Trading


Mobility and Automation

BMW, Here Maps and Volkswagen gave me the opportunity to create exciting products in a sector of constant innovation.



In this connected world I had the amazing chance to work closely with Siemens and Bosch in the way we interact with tangible interfaces


Smart Manufacturing

A sector which is in great need of good UX Design and I had already the possibility to define processes and smart products for several manufacturing companies


Social Media

Social media is taking over the world and for a couple of years I was lucky enough to work at the biggest Football App in the world Onefootball and also other startup projects.



The online presence and way users interact with purchasing has never been so important. I worked with GoEuro iterating on the best way to travel in Europe


Clients and Partners


Selected Work


Several projects are under a non disclosure agreement and therefore could not be publicly shared